The area around Hólmur is suitable for walking.
To north is an wide open space to
Fláajökull(glacier)and Jökulfell.
South and west from Hólmur is
also moorland.
The area has many kinds of birds.

Hiking map of the area pdf

In the area there are more choices
of entertainment.

Trips to the glacier in jeep or skidoo
Departure from road 1 about 14 km
from Holmur.

Boat trips on the glacier lagoon.
Wonderful icebergs in the lagoon.
Jökulsárlón is about 60km west
from Hólmur.

From coast to mountains.
Glacier walk and iceclimbing and
Ascent of Iceland's highest mountain.
also special bird watching tour to
Ingólfshöfði on hay cart.
About 1 hour drive west from Hólmur
webpage:from coast to mountains

Höfn is the nearest town
(33 km away) and a swimming pool, glacier-museum, golf course and there is also the nearest shop.

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